Vulnerability management for startups and small businesses

Cloud computing provides limitless potential for organizations to develop quickly, cost-effectively, and at scale. It creates an environment ideal for startups and SMBs — one that empowers employees to innovate fast. But unfortunately, this type of environment can also produce infrastructure vulnerabilities that are difficult to find.

Using a cloud security solution to manage vulnerabilities and prevent cyber attacks is an effective way to gain protection. But in today’s saturated cybersecurity market, it can be hard to know where to begin, especially for small and mid-sized businesses with limited bandwidth.

Read this latest ebook to:

  • Take a closer look at the challenges of securing your cloud environment against vulnerabilities to hosts, containers, VMs, and functions
  • Understand how Lacework employs AI and machine learning to collect, detect, and inform you of vulnerabilities
  • Learn how Lacework vulnerability management covers all stages of the software development supply chain, in addition to runtime
  • Discover how small businesses have partnered with Lacework to uncover vulnerabilities and speed innovation

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