Increased Visibility in the Cloud Supports Growth and Compliance Goals

Drift’s Revenue Acceleration Platform uses Conversational Marketing and Conversational Sales to connect business in a new way that is real-time and results in more revenue, faster. Ranked on Forbes Magazine’s list of ‘America’s Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Companies,’ Drift has experienced exponential growth since its founding in 2015 and today supports over 50,000 customers.

As Drift rapidly expanded their solutions to provide more value to their increasing number of customers, they realized their need to scale within AWS. Leveraging Lacework, Drift improved their visibility into their CloudTrail logs while simultaneously mapping their AWS environment back to their Security Operations Center (SOC). This improved level of data collection and reporting also supported their goal of achieving their SOC 2 certification – meeting the compliance requirements of their customers. Lacework also provided visibility into their Kubernetes clusters through a unified console, further adding to the efficiency of their operations in the cloud.

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