Achieve Cloud Security Cost Savings Through SIEM Optimization

Tame Rising SIEM Costs and Complexity

Do you worry that your SIEM is falling behind on efficiently handling cloud challenges? The sheer volume of SIEM information gobbles up engineering time spent on tuning, manual tasks and other cost-inefficiencies.

Lacework has gathered candid insights on SIEM complexities and challenges into a new eBook. Find out how to smarten and scale SIEM management for optimal cloud security and cost-efficiency.

Download this eBook and see the latest ideas on how to:

  • Help developers supercharge container productivity and agility
  • Increase the quality of log ingestion while controlling costs
  • Embed security into development and operations (DevSecOps)
  • Reduce “noise” while raising the number of solid alerts
  • Ensure security teams are effectively deployed against threats
Read this new eBook and optimize your SIEM expenditure.

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