Free 14-Day Cloud Threat Hunting Assessment

Accelerate your Log4j discovery and other anomalous behavior across your cloud environment.


The recently discovered Log4j zero-day vulnerability may be keeping your security teams up at night as they work quickly to reduce the risk to your organization. The two biggest questions you may be trying to answer: are we vulnerable and are we compromised?

To help you quickly handle Log4j and other known or unknown threats, Lacework is offering a free, no obligation, 14-day Cloud Threat Hunting Assessment. Our cloud security experts will work with you to find all vulnerable systems across your cloud and container environments  instances that other vulnerability scanning tools miss. Lacework continuously monitors for active signs of compromise, helping to reduce risk and better protect your business.

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Consultation with Cloud Security Experts
We’ll walk through the assessment process, determine the best course of action based on your needs, and help with the setup.

Vulnerability Management Assistance
Run ongoing vulnerability assessments during the 14-day assessment period from build to runtime to speed the identification of vulnerable containers and hosts. Continuously monitor to prevent the re-introduction of vulnerabilities.

Threat Detection Support
Look for active attempts to exploit vulnerabilities across your environment. See clear visualizations to gain context and better investigate what happened.

Risk Readout Report
Work with a Lacework security expert to review a detailed summary of your cloud security risks and actions needed.

NOTE: We have confirmed the Lacework service was not impacted by the Log4j vulnerability, and continue to monitor all aspects of the Lacework platform to ensure ongoing platform security.

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A Guide to Responding to the Log4j Vulnerability

Understanding where Log4j exists in your environment is no easy task, nor is mitigating it. To help, we've put together this practical guide with 4 steps you can take to better protect your organization from Log4j and potential exploits.

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