Cloud security webinar series:

from frustration to automation

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Cloud security can be overwhelming due to its dynamic nature and the increase in multi-cloud adoption. Legacy security approaches that rely on heuristics fall short of protecting against unknown vulnerabilities, resulting in either a high volume of false positives or compromised systems.

In this new three-part cloud security webinar series, we’ll tackle how a data-driven approach can help you uncover active threats, address security gaps, and reduce risks to help you innovate quickly and securely.

Whether you're building your cloud security strategy or evaluating solutions, we'll help you formulate a business case and game plan — and take it from frustrated to automated.

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Maximize Your Cloud Security ROI in 2022
Featuring Forrester's Total Economic Impact™ of Lacework (On Demand)

Speakers: Amy DeMartine, VP & Research Director, Forrester and Roger Nauth, Consultant, Forrester
The Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI), a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, shines a light on quantified benefits, cost savings, and ROI of the Lacework data-driven cloud security platform.

To conclude our webinar series, guest speakers, Forrester VP, Research Director, Amy DeMartine, and Forrester Consultant Roger Nauth, will break down the findings from the study and provide a framework to help you evaluate the potential financial impact of switching to Lacework. Learn how you can achieve, over three years:
  • 342% ROI
  • $1.8M increase in productivity
  • $2.3M in total benefits
  • $1.79M net present value (NPV)

Hello CNAPP: Merging CSPM and CWPP (On Demand)

Speakers: Tim Chase, Field CTO and James Brown, Sr. Director of Product, Lacework

Lack of visibility into cloud-native applications and workloads is driving a new platform approach to security. Learn how a Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) can secure both your cloud and workload infrastructure and get tips for employing a systematic approach to simplify your cloud security journey.

Join our Field CTO and Sr. Director of Product in this interactive webcast and learn:
  • What the differences are between CSPM, CWPP, CASB, and CNAPP
  • What your first steps should be to understand your risks in the cloud
  • Why you should stop thinking about point solutions like CSPM and CWPP and think bigger and better with CNAPP

Goodbye Zero-Days: Anomaly-Based Cloud Threat Detection

(On Demand)

Speaker: Mark Nunnikhoven, Distinguished Cloud Strategist, Lacework

Most security tools battle cyber threats using the tried-and-true method of rules-based detection. But this industry standard has its limitations and misses new attacks never before seen in the wild.

What if, instead of endlessly writing and maintaining rules to identify bad actors and irregularities, you could base security on the normal, healthy operations of an environment?

In this live webinar, we will explore how anomaly-based threat detection can help you surface unexpected changes in your cloud environment that require attention, reduce alert volume, and drive better security outcomes.


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