Lacework enables Sliide to manage vulnerabilities and demonstrate compliance

Sliide develops app, software development toolkit (SDK), and web-based products alongside distribution partners in the mobile network operator, virtual network operator, and service provider spaces. They use a single Amazon Web Services (AWS) account and are in the midst of a large migration project to move services to Kubernetes. To improve their security practice as their company grew, they sought a platform to provide proof that they were well-architected and on top of vulnerabilities.

Using Lacework, Sliide was able to measure compliance, manage workflow, receive high-quality alerts, and demonstrate proof of security through dashboard visualizations.

Read the case study to discover how Lacework helped Sliide:

  • Demonstrate compliance daily with automated reports
  • Protect against malicious behavior with high-quality alerts
  • Use dashboards to prioritize workflow and visualize vulnerabilities

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