Reltio uses Lacework to consolidate tools, achieve deep visibility, and address alerts 4x faster

Reltio is a cloud-native data management platform that enables organizations to deliver hyper-personalized and connected experiences for their customers.

With just over 4,000 subdomains exposed to the internet, it’s critical for Reltio to assess and understand their attack surface on a continual basis. Reltio was concerned with finding weaknesses, misconfigurations, or vulnerabilities as new vulnerabilities or changes to third-party libraries could introduce risk to infrastructure and cloud services.

Reltio conducted a full bake-off with Lacework against the incumbent technologies, and selected Lacework to gain efficiencies and reduce the number of technologies in place.

Read the case study to find out how Lacework helped Reltio:

  • Displace 4 suppliers’ technologies
  • Enable analysts to investigate and resolve issues 4X faster
  • ​​Provide ubiquitous visibility and detection capabilities across all environments

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