Protegrity grows compliance posture and gains visibility into multicloud environments

The Protegrity platform frees businesses from the constraints typically associated with the access and fine-grained protection of sensitive data. A true multicloud organization, Protegrity uses services from all three major cloud providers — Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure — and supports their security initiatives with a containerized strategy on Kubernetes.

Protegrity needed a multicloud solution that provided strong compliance reporting and increased visibility into their environments. Lacework stood out for its maturity model, the initial proof of concept, and the run-phase support model. Protegrity particularly valued its multicloud risk and compliance reporting features, as well as how it enabled them to integrate security into the DevOps pipeline.

Learn how Protegrity used Lacework to:

  • Stop compromises with increased visibility into multicloud environment
  • Demonstrate compliance to customers with improved reporting capabilities
  • See a 10x drop in alerting from production areas

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