Geo-analytics firm Kayrros uses Polygraph to protect the most precious of data

Kayrros is a leading advanced energy and environmental geo-analytics firm. Their infrastructure team oversees a complex multicloud environment, which includes Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Kubernetes. To keep their data secure, Kayrros sought intrusion detection capabilities, cloud security posture management (CSPM), and greater visibility into their cloud environment.

With Lacework, Kayrros set a baseline for alerting on anomalous behavior. Quickly, they gained an understanding of their infrastructure with monitoring and vulnerability management. They also increased their visibility by using Lacework to process and digest a large volume of AWS CloudTrail data.

Check out the full case study to learn how Lacework helped Kayrros:
  • Receive less than 5 critical/high alerts per day, cutting investigation time and improving remediation
  • Raise their baseline security level by integrating inline scanner on CI pipelines
  • Protect their multicloud environment with visibility into infrastructure and vulnerabilities

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