Hypergiant Meets Compliance Frameworks, Consolidates Tools, and Cuts Down Alerts with Lacework


Hypergiant is an artificial intelligence enterprise software company with a strong DevSecOps discipline that they use to solve difficult problems in aerospace, defense, enterprise, and critical infrastructure industries. They manage dozens of AWS accounts, with the number growing rapidly, and are nearly 100% infrastructure as code. Their process involves a lot of CI/CD, and they needed to get ground truth of what it looks like once code is deployed, as well as how different users and entities behave in their cloud environment.

In Lacework, Hypergiant found a solution that could help maintain their AWS accounts, meet rigorous compliance requirements, and eliminate the need for constant rule-writing.

Read the case study to discover how Lacework enabled Hypergiant to:
  • Consolidate three different tools
  • Cut alerts down 70%
  • Reduce engineer workload by 20 hours per week
  • Achieve necessary compliance to win more than $10 million in new business

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