Greenlight Guru optimizes its regulatory compliance on AWS

Greenlight Guru provides quality management software as a service (SaaS) for medical device companies. As a company operating in this industry, it is important to maintain high security standards for its customer data and keep pace with the ever-changing industry regulations.

With a small team, a new round of seed funding, and a rapidly expanding customer base, Greenlight Guru needed to ensure that its internal information security system was operating optimally. After assessing its existing network/security monitoring and management systems, the company decided it was time to look for a better solution.

Read the case study to find out how Lacework and AWS helped Greenlight Guru:
  • Better manage risk from vulnerabilities and misconfigurations with a consolidated view from a single platform
  • Easily show evidence trails that demonstrate an active presence of regulatory measures and security protocols
  • Increase productivity and optimize the security management process with more efficient workflows

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