Enhancing security for Sleepme’s IoT platform with Defiance Digital

Sleepme is a sleep coaching site and the parent company of the revolutionary sleep science brand Chilisleep®. They have a number of internet of things (IoT)-connected products and use Amazon Web Services (AWS), including the AWS IoT stack. To bolster their security practice while expanding their offerings, Sleepme partnered with Defiance Digital, a boutique managed services provider, to find a solution.

Defiance brought on Lacework to help Sleepme achieve stronger visibility, shift left, and prepare for compliance audits. Since then, Lacework and Defiance have worked in tandem to deliver comprehensive managed security for Sleepme.

Read the case study to see how Sleepme was able to:
  • Easily monitor their environment and follow up on critical alerts
  • Increase visibility for their IoT application stack with cross-organizational product development
  • Prepare for SOC 2 compliance by harnessing modern tools through Lacework and Defiance

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