Lacework Protection for AWS S3 Buckets

Continuous, Automated Protection of AWS S3 Buckets

From initial configuration to daily operations

It's too easy to misconfigure S3 buckets and leave data in AWS exposed to cybercriminals and unauthorized users. Lacework brings a complete solution for S3 bucket security:

  • Initial and on-going assessment of your configuration for security, including for compliance to security best practices such as the CIS Benchmark for AWS
  • Notification of any changes related to security and compliance with specific recommendations to fix configurations that put your buckets at risk or are in violation of the CIS Benchmark
  • Continuous monitoring of applications that access your S3 buckets and systematic detection in access pattern changes 

Lacework makes it easy to maintain an effective security posture for your S3 buckets by automating configuration checking and highlighting the changes or activities that represent a risk with recommendations on how to fix any security weakness.