ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Find out the latest cloud threats.

The attack surface just broadened. Are you fully updated on the emerging cloud threats now facing your organization? Register now to hear Lacework Labs’ security research team discuss their latest in-depth quarterly report covering new Linux malware families, cloud-centric threat groups, and relevant attack techniques.

Join the Lacework Labs On-Demand webinar to get the inside details on:

  • Recent Lacework Labs research including Sysrv-Hello and GroundHog Botnets, Carbine loader scripts, and analyst tips to help defenders.
  • The rise of Supply Chain incidents such as Codecov and our response.
  • Noteworthy intelligence on an opportunistic adversary relevant to cloud systems.
  • Highlights of prominent attacker Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) around recent threat activity

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