Since its discovery, the Log4j vulnerability has continued to keep security teams up at night, and has adversely affected a multitude of industries and market segments. As with any vulnerability, it is critical to quickly determine how exposed your operations may be, and if you’ve been compromised.

While there are many solutions that simply help identify vulnerabilities, a more sustainable scenario involves a comprehensive view of all systems across the entirety of your cloud footprint to reduce risk and better protect your business long-term.

Join us for this session where we take a closer look at Log4j and its overall impact. We cover:

  • How attackers are currently leveraging this vulnerability
  • How to quickly reduce risk if you are compromised
  • How to address if your organization has a Log4j vulnerability
  • How to future-proof your cloud environment for whatever comes next
Lastly, our featured customer Nylas will also join the discussion to share their experience and response to Log4j. View today!

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Featured Speakers

Ulfar Erlingsson
Chief Architect, Lacework
James Condon
Director of Research, Lacework Labs
Austin Gregory
Information Security Engineering Manager, Nylas
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